The idea was born, to introduce my life enthusiasm….
To take you to a journey through the world of Slovenian wine, gin and much more….

old bled house

Living abroad for years helped me to gain skills, experience, knowledge but most important – ideas, that I want to share with you in 500 years old cellar in Bled, which is my new path.


Our Story

I’ll do my best to take you to the journey so you can experience authentic Slovenian cuisine as well as international but exclusively with Slovenian produce.
Together we will get to know all about wine regions and what impact on wine has to offer diversity of climate, soil and of course style of wine producers. Therefor I have chosen numerous of young and potential wine makers, that are following trends of time, as well some of the ambassador, that have major credit of recognition of Slovenia as a wine country.
With every visit there will be new experience, just like every time you open new bottle of wine….


Old Cellar Bled

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Old Cellar Bled is located in downtown Bled, yet removed from the everyday traffic, crowds, and noise.

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